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Thee Awakening

A one day festival from 12pm-1am that showcases genres of all music under one umbrella Afro Beats and Amapiano genre. 

The Venue “NOMI Village” has a capacity of 5,000 attendees which provides us the ability for unlimited potential for brand/product placement and growth. The plan is to have our attendees as close to the capacity as possible. 


The uplifting of all business through preparation, transparency, and execution. We provide a variety of limitless services. Rebirth Ventures has been designed to help our communities, clients , and business partners to achieve a level of excellence through unity.

Welcome all potential Sponsors to “Thee Awakening” a community based festival scheduled for Sunday October 8th, 2023 at NOMI Village. Located in the heart of Miami, 12351 NW 7th Ave North Miami, FL.


“Thee Awakening” festival target audience will consist of all ages with diverse scheduling and community outreach. Rebirth Ventures relish the opportunity to have you as a potential sponsor, but also constructed packages that will include maximum exposure on any level of sponsorship choice.
Our goal is to maximize brand/product exposure according to the package of choice, and to build a business relationship with all sponsors of any level for future projects.


Below are the requested Sponsorship Packages:


Rebirth Ventures would like to thank all potential sponsors, we look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to present “Thee Awakening” Sponsorship to your brand for this October and future events.

Sincerely, Justice

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